Crisis Management Training

Interactive Online Course For Organizations Of All Sizes

Let Efrvsnt Build Your Crisis Management Team

Efrvsnt takes crisis management training to the next level. Not only will we provide your employees a one-of-a-kind professional training, but we will also build your business’ crisis management team. We remove bias from the selection process and evaluate your candidates to make our recommendation of which employees have what it takes to lead and implement your company’s crisis management strategy.

In times of crisis, businesses face the conflicting challenge of maintaining operations while implementing abrupt changes, communicating transparently, and promoting a hopeful outlook in personnel and stakeholders. Organizations that survive and thrive despite unprecedented circumstances do not do so because they “got lucky” — they had an actionable plan to adapt and overcome. With the Crisis Management Training Course from Efrvsnt, you and your team will learn how to build and utilize a crisis management strategy that allows you to do exactly that. This live online course is interactive and will allow you to receive real-time feedback from your instructor.

With the core skills gained from this course, your organization will be able to proactively manage a:

  • Natural crisis
  • Technological crisis
  • Financial crisis
  • Internal crisis (employee- or management-centered)
  • External crisis (customer- or client-centered)

Experience Is the Best Teacher — Now You’ve Got Him

Meet your instructor, certified safety and security professional Mike Millett. When it comes to crisis management, Mike has real-world experience that few can rival. Thanks to his expertise, you don’t have to experience a crisis to learn how to manage one. From global military operations — including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom — and professional security leadership to crisis consulting and specialized safety instruction, he’s the guy you want on your team when anything goes wrong. Mike’s diverse clientele includes Fortune-rated companies, government sectors, high-profile personnel, and adventure-focused production studios. Through this crisis management training course, you’ll tap into Mike’s vast arsenal of knowledge, tools, and strategies for creating a crisis management strategy for your organization to take control in a crisis.

Mike has worked with countless industry-leading organizations, including:

  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Qualcomm
  • Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • St. Jude Medical

The Human Element of Crisis Management

In this crisis management training course, you’ll glean additional knowledge from Dr. Cade Resnick, the Chief Behavioral Officer of Efrvsnt. As a Ph.D. in the field of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Dr. Resnick has vast experience in helping individuals, couples, and state and local governments grow through challenges. He understands firsthand that a crisis is not just an organizational issue — it is also a human issue. Dr. Resnick will highlight this people-centered component in our online training to help you understand how companies must not only create and implement a logical crisis management strategy, but also form a team of people who have the personalities and skillsets required to effectively execute that strategy.

The Efrvsnt Crisis Management Training Course Will Cover:

  • Introduction to crisis management
  • Human behavior and psychology in a crisis
  • Understanding executive leadership roles in a crisis
  • Building and training a crisis management team
  • Maintaining your organization’s mission during a crisis
  • Crisis aftermath and evaluation
  • Three- and six-month follow ups after the course

Get a Custom Crisis Management Strategy for Your Organization

The Crisis Management Training Course from Efrvsnt is tailored to your organization on every level. We take into account size, scope, team structure, industry, and more to ensure the crisis management steps in your plan are possible and practical for you and your team. We believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy — an international corporation must respond to a crisis very differently than a local nonprofit organization. The training you experience and the strategy you create with Efrvsnt is your unique crisis management blueprint.

Our Crisis Management Training Is Based on Core Business Principles

While your crisis management strategy will be unique, the principles it is based on are the same principles that have guided the success of businesses across the world and throughout history. Once we build this solid foundation, we can start innovating on top of it. With Efrvsnt, you can trust that your crisis management training will be the optimal blend of proven tactics and customized solutions that work for your organization.

With Efrvsnt, You Are Not Alone in a Crisis

If a crisis hit your organization today, would you feel out of control? Would you know what steps to take to keep your team unified? If you have any doubts, it’s time to build your crisis management strategy. Sign up for the Crisis Management Training Course with Mike Millet from Evrfsnt today to discover a new level of confidence in your organization’s success!

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