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Finding good employees can be a difficult and time-consuming task. So much so that offloading the recruitment process to a third-party is becoming a more and more popular tactic in American business. However, the problem with many of these recruitment services is that they only look at employees’ technical qualifications. At EFRVSNT, we make sure you find candidates that are not only technically qualified, but also a good fit for your company culture. You can trust us to bring you only the absolute best candidates for the job instead of just flooding you with “qualified” resumes.

Our Hiring Process

The biggest difference between our recruitment process and others is that we take the time to really build a partnership with your company to ensure we find only the best matches for each position. We do this by following our tried and true process of narrowing down based on technical ability and culture fit.

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Reasons to Recruit With EFRVSNT

  • The hiring process is faster
  • Positions are empty for less time
  • No need to waste valuable time reading resumes
  • We cut the interview process down to top 3-5 candidates 
  • Candidates are of higher quality and a better fit
  • We can also handle the onboarding process and new-hire paperwork

Company Survey

The first step is to send out a survey to every current employee in your company where they will anonymously answer questions about the company’s culture and values. It’s not necessary for every employee to fill these out, however, the more responses we can get, the more accurate our company profile will be.

Current Employee Interviews

Next, we will select a random sample population from each department and conduct brief one-on-one video interviews via Zoom. We make sure to space out the interviews as not to disturb the flow of business. These interviews will help us really lock down the culture and values of your company. The sample will include up to 50 participants in total. At this point, a Company Culture Report will be sent to leadership. This report will include a company profile that lists the company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement along with tips on how to improve any pain points we are able to identify. This is the same report a company would receive during the first stage of our Mindset Reset Program.

Document Portal

Efrvsnt offers a modern document management system that allows both employer and employee to view any relevant documents with no hassle. Gone are the days of pouring through filing cabinets because your employee asked to make a change to his W-4.

Find the Best Applicants

Once we have an accurate culture profile for your company, we can either take existing job descriptions or work with you to create new job descriptions which we will post in the appropriate forums. Then, through our own process, we will narrow the potential applicant pool down to the best 3-5 applicants based on their technical qualifications in addition to how well they match the company culture.

Present Applicants for Final Interviews

At this point, we will present the resumes, cover letters, personality profiles, and contact information of the 3-5 applicants we found to be the best match. It is then up to you to conduct the final interviews and decide which candidate to hire. It’s that simple! Since your company’s culture profile has already been created, every time you need to hire a new employee, all you need to do is tell us which position you are hiring, and, next thing you know, you will be presented with the top matches for that position.

Post Hire: New Hire Paperwork and Other HR Services

When hiring new employees, the selection process is just the first step. Next is the boring and tedious procession of all of the new hire paperwork, as well as employee handbook training. While this is not included in our hiring process costs, EFRVSNT is happy to help with whatever HR service needs you may have. Check out all the ways we can help you save time and money by handling your company’s human resources activities.

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Leadership and Crisis Management Training

Don’t forget about the EFRVSNT’s exclusive leadership and crisis management training, such as the Mindset Reset Program. Since we will have already created a culture profile for your company, we will be able to work with you to create an exciting and effective activity to help your employees be a more effective and cohesive team.

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